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Help us build the community that belongs to us all;
we seek to make a social impact by helping people to connect better
with themselves and with the world.

Who we are.

We are a group of young people with the inspiration of creating a more sharing world. Day after day we focus on building an ever larger community whose values are transparency, constancy, empathy and collaboration. We constantly strive to be better than yesterday and to learn from our mistakes. We fail all the time, but we understand that failing is the only way we can learn and evolve. With this conviction, we have managed to grow and help others to do so. We want to raise awareness and inspire people to make positive things. We want to learn from everyone and share our knowledge; because, 'the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.' After all, we know more than many claiming to know everything.

What we believe in

Everyone wishes for a better world but no one knows how to create it, neither do we. But we think we know how to start: from the beginning, our knowledge, one that is consists of empathy, cooperation, and connection with ourselves and others. These abilities allow us to evolve as human beings. Technology keeps evolving and we shouldn’t go against it. We have to use it to learn again what it means to be empathic, supporting, and to connect with ourselves and others.

Our mission.

We envision a future in which communities are aware and connected, engaged with positive change. We’re interested in people that share what they know and want to develop their potential to use it for the common well-being, people engaged with collaborating, giving and receiving out of goodwill. We look forward to get back lost values and return to that healthy and natural connection of human relations. We aspire to transparency and consistency in thought, words and action. We would like to create contributive communities made up of genuine relationships; because, ultimately, good relationships are the one thing that keeps us sane and happy.

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