A new way to lead your cause


A new way to lead your cause


A new way to lead your cause


A new way to lead your cause


Let’s get down to action!

Find out prospective partners, connect with them and invite them to join your community. Hands connects the values and goals of your organization with people that support the same cause and wish to take an active part.
Is your organization looking for partners? Do you want to take action individually and start collaborating with a cause?

Hands can help you out!


Encourage your community!

Hands for NGO's enables a whole different way of management for your organization.


Promotion for growth and venues to communicate


Gather a team and contact collaborators




Energize your organization

Benefits for NGOs:


Bring more attention to your organization and attract people who are interested in taking part in the cause.


Register all organization’s subsidiaries in the platform, which allows you to give information about the cause to the people nearby and invite them to participate.

Internal coordination

Organize meetings, make decisions and take actions.

Internal and external communication

Send alert messages in case of urgent collaboration.

Bureaucracy Reduction

Speed up processes and reduce bureaucracy: Since communication gives rise to spontaneous initiatives when taking action, an organization with good communication reduces bureaucracy.

For users

Custom Assistance

You can let your virtual assistant help you find an NGO that matches your interests, values, even your skills.


Make donations with the possibility of accessing information on the use of funds.


You can volunteer in multiple communities and receive recognition from the organizations and their communities.

Know differents

Know different types of organizations and connect by chat with the different communities to get to know the NGO better and help clarify doubts of any kind.

Leave your mark

Make a difference through action. Meet new people with whom you share values and cooperate with them to carry your cause forward.

Hands gives NGOs the possibility to search for collaborators with the skills that are required in the tasks that the current members of the organization haven’t been able to fulfill.


In the same way that it gives the user the possibility to upload their skills and connect with the NGOs that most require their skills.