Everythink is a Natural Language Processor, based Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platform focused on:

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    Real-Time Solution

              Automate Processes and Attack Weaknesses.               

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    Connecting needs with people, groups of people; or processes.

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    Disruptive Fintech

    Changing the way technology are made, managed and traded.

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    White-Label Solution

    Delivering a bespoke platform for clients of any size with access to our Technology.


Designed for a Perfect User Experience.

In less 24 hours you can have your Android, iOS, and Web App; and Dashboards for managers, analysis and data flow with a virtual assistant who will solve daily problems and automate your business processes. Accompanying your employees to get a better performance of their work and looking for new ways to interact with their customers.


Everythink provide you a better knowledge of your organization allowing you to set specific and general goals based on the expected results in each area. Everythink plans to implement a robust offering of features on the platform including but not limited to:

Secure multi-currency wallet integration
  1. Support for BTC, ETH, Stable Coins, and master node operation through PoW validation.
Tracking and Management

User-friendly portfolio management dashboard to track and analyze all operations made on the platform.


Connect with available and interested suppliers willing to offer in the platform discounts members.

Institutional Quality KYC/AML

3rd party KYC/AML and Network validation through PoW.

Everythink Marketplace

P2P (decentralized) exchange integration for Everythink or other supported tokens/coins

Decentralized Banking

Future ATM integration and debit cards for Everythink users.

Satisfaction Rate

The possibility to know in depth the members' satisfaction rate and identify the areas of conflict that needs attention.


Access to predictive analytics and other data



Real-time solution based on specific company needs and opportunity to know in depth the employee's satisfaction rate while identifying the areas of conflict that needs attention. Everythink brings the company data to life with instant access to accurate workforce metrics and dashboards across the entire process.


Our API works as a database whose purpose is to obtain the knowledge and experience of millions of users in order to combine them and serve relevant and timely data in a personalized way.

Our Roadmap

June 2016

Everythink is conceptualized by founding team, research and development begin.

September 2016

Everythink is officially formed as a company in the U.S., and Everythink closed private investment/equity partners.

February 2017

Everythink One Pager, Pitch deck, Business case, Executive Summary, and the main website are published.

June 2017

Founding team design and bootstrap the Hands.AI app ‘proof of concept’ prototype.

September 2017

The first product Hands.AI is launched in a beta version android App

Februrary 2018

Everythink NLP, Natural Language Processor & Android Native Application, Beta Version 100% completed.

August 2018

Everythink sales pipeline starts.

March 2019

Everythink open a second private investment/equity partners.

Everythink Team

Carolina Del Valle Fogliato
Co-Founder & CEO

Carolina is an enterprising woman, motivated by an accelerated environment and without fear of challenging the status quo. She has four years of experience in external and internal audit. She has worked in companies such as KPMG, Austral University and Technorides. Everythink is her first startup. Currently, she controls the area of Finance, Legal, Investor Relations and Human Resources; also analyzes failures and seeks improvements to optimize times and costs in order to improve performance.

Carlos Matias Baglieri
Co-Founder & CTO

Matias first company was Technorides, where Taxi, Limo and Shuttle companies improved not only the logistics and travel of passengers but also the administration, finances and the reduction of excessive payment and the paperwork. Implemented more than 250 applications in more than eleven countries around the world. Then, he specialized in neural networks and blockchain technology, creating the first SDK to connect people in a precise way. He is an architect of JSEE, Ethical Hacker, software engineer, an expert in information security with more than 9 years of experience in software development and technological innovation. His experience includes working in high-level companies such as Telecom, Mercado Libre and Peugeot.

German Lemonnier
Investor | Financial Advisor

German is a man trained in PWC, with an extensive career in Arcos Dorados (McD's Latin America) as CFO and Board Member, dedicated today to occupy boards in top-level companies and start ups with innovative ideas.

Vanessa Chacón Bermúdez
Administrative Assistant

Vanessa is a bilingual business administrator. For a while she taught English and understood the importance of sharing skills and knowledge to strengthen a society.

Daniel Kung
Legal Advisor

CDaniel is focused and positive. He enjoy challenges and learning new things. He enjoys networking and connecting with people; working together to achieve new goals and reach new heights. At the same time, He likes to play hard and kick back with friends and family. His goal is to live life to the full and to always strive to be the best I can be.

Luis Peel
Front-end Developer

He is a highly qualified systems engineer with 10 years of experience in web development, with PHP, Angular, Java, Node, Express, etc. He is fully trained to perform work with these characteristics. He is a hardworking, motivated, determined, enthusiastic and reliable developer.

Rafael A. Pinedo
Investor | Strategy Advisor

Rafael is Strategist & Innovator @MIT Sloan School of Management @NeuralCloud @CrescentHillCapital.

Daniela Matos
Video Designer

Daniela works in sound production and animation, with more than 3 years of experience. Her Animation experience includes traditional and digital 2D animation, rotoscoping, stop motion (puppet and paper cut) and motion graphic. As for the part of SOUND; She has worked in sound design, recording sound in various types of location, acoustic treatment, assembly of bands (stereo and 5.1) and mixing, for projects of various kinds. Also, she has skills in illustration, storyboard creation and conceptualization.

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